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Since 1974, GoCold Solutions has refined and continues to offer a variety of services beyond warehousing and transportation. All of these services are available in conjunction with warehousing and transportation to provide a fully integrated logistics partnership.

We offer the following basic warehousing and inventory services:

● Flipping Pallets
● Cycle Counts

● Take Weights

● Export Services

  • Flipping Pallets
  • Cycle Counts
  • Take Weights
  • Export Services

We also provide the following specialized services:

Pick, Pack and Co-packing

● We offer a variety of on-premise pick, pack and co-packing services across Canada. We can repackage products to create either larger or smaller pack formats.

Tempering (Warming)

● Tempering is the process of controlled warming of a product to minimize the loss of moisture associated with natural warming. Tempering can also be used to allow frozen products to be delivered to your customers ready for processing or consumption.

Incubation QA Testing

● Shelf stable products typically undergo a pasteurization process to remove bacteria extending shelf life. An incubation test places the product at an elevated temperature to verify the pasteurization process.

Product Freezing

● GoCold Solutions’ storage facilities can meet all of your temperature control needs, whether your product arrives frozen or requires freezing upon arrival. GoCold Solutions offer Blast and Room Freezing

Cross Docking

Cross docked products are not put into storage. Products are unloaded from one truck on the inbound side, consolidated in the middle of the warehouse, and immediately loaded onto a truck on the outbound side of the warehouse.

Inspection Services

● GoCold Solutions is a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) certified inspection agent. Our facilities offer a fully certified dedicated inspection room that can be used to inspect any products requiring an inspection due import requirements or product concerns.

Container Loading / Unloading

● GoCold Solutions can load and unload any and all shipping containers (20 and 40 foot), we can accommodate intermodal and box cars. All of our facilities are equipped to load or unload palletized, floor loaded, slip sheets or drums.

Multiple Temperature Storage

● GoCold Solutions offers customizable temperature solutions to meet all your needs from Frozen to Dry Storage (-40°C/F to +2°C/+65F), this is the greatest range offered in the industry.

In addition to our specialized services we offer a full range of traditional warehousing and transportation services .


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