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Recall Management

Recall Management

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When things don’t go smoothly, it’s important to find a partner with experience.

With over 40 years experience, Confederation Freezers has successfully partnered with our customers and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to be a primary recall destination facility.

Confederation Freezers has the inspection facilities and detention control protocols to ensure that we can efficiently and safely handle compromised food product, and isolate the affected inventory, pending CFIA release to a certified disposal company. We can also manage the physical recall process liaising with retailers, stores and other customers in the collection, transportation and storage of product under recall, until released by the CFIA.

Recall Success Story

A major producer of luncheon meats had a portion of its products across Canada recalled by the CFIA due to listeria contamination. They needed someone to collect and store the products in a separate storage area. Confederation Freezers was able to partner with the manufacturer and execute the product recall on their behalf, under the supervision of the CFIA.

Confederation Freezers diligently and efficiently collected all the contaminated products across the country, and stored them in an isolated area to prevent cross-contamination. The next step was to ensure that all the affected products had been taken off the shelves. This was handled by Confederation Freezers who performed a physical count of the recalled product, matching lot by lot inventory. The product was then held pending final inspection by the CFIA.

The CFIA was satisfied with the work that Confederation Freezers had done, remarking on the company’s efficient and accurate count of the contaminated products. Confederation Freezers also coordinated communication between the manufacturer and the CFIA through the inspection and disposal of the contaminated product.

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