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Dedicated Leasing

Dedicated Leasing

Deditcated leasing documents At GoCold Solutions we understand that some customers are looking for a more customized storage solution than placing their products into a standard warehouse facility. We offer a range of 3rd Party (3PL) storage solutions to meet any need including warehouse leasing, facility management, truck parking and office leasing (combined office and warehouse solutions are available).

Warehouse Lease

GoCold Solutions can offer a dedicated lease in one of our standard storage facilities. We can customize a lease arrangement to suit your specific needs; pallet positions, loading doors, storage temperature.

Managed Facility

GoCold Solutions offer dedicated facility management in either one of your buildings, or a dedicated GoCold Solutions storage facility.

In either case, we can offer our full range of warehouse and other services and afford you the control, privacy and flexibility of having your own dedicated storage facility while having GoCold Solutions fully staff and operate the building for you.

GoCold Solutions can manage retrofitting existing storage facilities or building new state of the art facilities to meet your exact needs and size.

GoCold Solutions will then:
● Hire, train, and manage all staff within the facility
● Install our own warehouse systems (that can be integrated into your enterprise solutions),
● Source all required racking, and equipment
● Manage all deliveries, storage and shipments

Managed facilities can also be partnered with GoCold Solutions transportation services to allow for a fully outsourced supply chain.

Truck Parking

GoCold Solutions has limited capacity at all of our storage facilities to accommodate truck/load parking while not in service or between appointments.

Office Leasing

GoCold Solutions has office space available for lease at most of our storage facilities. This is an attractive option for many of our customers who want to have either a secondary receiving/shipping presence or their entire offices adjacent to either a dedicated storage facility or one of our standard buildings.

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